Happy Memories @ the Montreal Beer Festival

IMG_1800 IMG_1796 IMG_1798

The Montreal Beer Festival was held this past week.  Normally, Lyle, our Activity Coordinator, brings the students to the student activities, but due to a prior appointment, I took his place and went with them

The students and I bonded over a few jokes. I learned about their likes and dislikes when it comes to beer.  It was fun to watch them try different types of beers without knowing what to expect.  We also shared a pretzel and it was funny to see their faces when they realized that Dijon mustard isn’t anything like normal mustard.

From an outsider’s perspective, I always thought that these student activities were about the activity and how it is a fun way for the students to get language practice outside of classes, but I started to have a slightly shifted perspective.

Yes, the activity itself was fun for both the students and me, and yes, they practiced their English with each other, me and representatives behind the booths.  Looking back though, what I remember the most from the activity is our bonding experience… that stronger connection that I have with them due to the shared experience.  I value it a lot too because I don’t know if this kind of opportunity would ever arise again.  As it is with hanging out with friends, we have created a happy memory and that feeling stays with us.

Bottom line, I am so glad Lyle couldn’t make it. :p




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