Beautiful words from a beautiful CLC student


Nami has been a student at CLC since January of this year, and she recently wrote about her experience at the school.  The teachers and students really enjoyed her presence as she always brought a lot of positive energy inside and outside of the classes.  She is an example of a student who has progressed a lot during her time here, due to her positive attitude, constant motivation to learn, eagerness to speak and consistency in joining all the school activities that allowed her to practice speaking and have fun in the language she was learning.

“I spent a great time with beautiful and great teachers.  I learnt many things, for example, English, friendship and life in Montreal.  I was pretty depressed before coming to CLC because I didn’t have anything to do for 2 weeks without any relationship.  However, after that, I made many friends and met a lot of passionate teachers in CLC, so that I could start my Canadian life happily.

My English has improved since I came to CLC.  I’m satisfied with what I got from CLC.  CLC people are always nice and cheerful from beginning to end.

I really appreciate about that.  CLC’s atmosphere made me feel comfortable.  Plus, a memorable moment was the day when I went to volunteer.  It is because I was glad to help people who needed help.  I was touched when one of people who I met in these said to me that she wanted to meet again.

There are unforgettable memories, one is when Lyle always says to students “Hello, beautiful students” before starting a class.  Second is that Tina was active and funny when she explained some examples to students.  Third is that Stewart called Harry Potter at the end of the class.

It was the best decision to find CLC.  I was thankful to my sister who recommended me to go to CLC and I was lucky to meet good people!  The time in CLC was enjoyable for me.” – Nami

We hope that more students will follow her example because she not only inspires students but the teachers as well.



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