Snow Village & Posters for Eco-Quartier NDG


Brrr… it sure has been cold this past week!  For that reason, CLC students must be some of the bravest people around, because they went to visit the ice hotel in Montreal’s snow village.  Luckily, they were able to warm up a bit inside with a nice drink.

However, on Wednesday, the cold was just unbearable, so the students stayed at school to do some volunteer work.  They created posters that Eco-Quartier NDG would use when they go to elementary schools to explain the process of waste disposal and the water cycle.  They did an absolutely excellent job!  Who knew that so many of them had such fantastic artistic abilities!


For more pictures of the snow village visit, please click here.

For more pictures of the volunteer work that CLC students did for Eco-Quartier NDG, please click here.

Bundle up everyone!



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