Korean food and Eco-Quartier NDG fusion lunch


This past week, English student Jee Hye from South Korea led our community lunch.  A big pot of spicy rice cake meal was made (called dokbokki), which included ingredients such as cabbage, red pepper flakes, fish cake, onion, and of course, rice cakes.  So simple, yet so delicious.

If you haven’t already checked out the mouth-watering pictures, you can do so by visiting our Facebook album.

Meanwhile, Julie and Elizabeth from Eco-Quartier NDG paid a friendly visit to the school to educate us on what is and isn’t recyclable in Montreal.  Did you know that all plastic categories EXCEPT for plastic number 6 is recyclable here?  Did you know that styrofoam is not recyclable here, and that even if it was, it would only be recyclable once?  Did you also know that the chemicals from a styrofoam cup would seep into the hot liquid it could contain?

Julie has also led an eco-cleaner making workshop earlier last week.  CLC students went to the Eco-Quartier NDG premises to learn how to make their own all-purpose cleaner.  It’s an important initiative because most cleaners we buy contain a lot of pollutants, but a homemade one is friendly to the environment.  It only contains borax, white vinegar, biodegradable dish washing liquid and water!


All in all, this past week made us feel a little more connected to culture and the environment.  Let’s continue to learn more about how to protect our planet!



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