Summer please don’t go!

La Distillerie

Summer is one of the best seasons of the year and many people wish it were eternal. This amazing time has brought many friends and warm experiences to the CLC Community. To celebrate that, our school went to La Distillerie, a really cool bar with a huge variety of drinks and cocktails in jars. Located in the Plateau Mont-Royal area, it was the perfect excuse to walk around before entering the bar.
Students and CLC staff members had fun eating goldfish snacks and sharing different drinks such as Mojito, Key Lime Colada or The Sun Also Rises. That day, they also celebrated the last day of classes for a couple of our English and French students.

Mix Arts Festival

Last Friday, on Saint Laurent Boulevard, the CLC Community spent a beautiful afternoon at the Mix Arts Festival held in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal area. This dynamic and trendy festival that was held in the streets turned the neighborhood into an open air market that offered many products and food from designer boutiques, colorful bars, restaurants and cafes. At the same time, talented artists performed cultural shows that allowed to our CLC Community to learn more about the local culture of Montreal.

Written by: Diana-Marcela Reyes Cascante

Edited by: Tina


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