St-Jean Baptiste festival

Since 1977, La Saint-Jean-Baptiste or La Fête Nationale du Québec à Montréal  has gathered many Quebecers who filled the streets to show their pride for their local culture.   To celebrate this important holiday, our CLC Community attended the activities held at Parc Maisonneuve to commemorate Quebec’s heritage, identity and history.
One of the most important events arranged for this day was the big, open-air concert where many of Quebec’s best-loved musicians and singers performed.  We had the opportunity to see artists such as Jean-Pierre Ferland, Ariane Moffatt, David Giguère, Adam Cohen, Alfa Rococo, Misteur Valaire, Isabelle Boulay, Alain-François, and Les Porn Flakes.
This patriotic environment was the perfect opportunity to wear blue clothes, carry Québec’s flag and be touched by the joy and magic of this amazing culture through dancing, singing, and a diversity of food.

Bonne fête nationale!

Written by: Diana-Marcela Reyes Cascante

Edited by: Tina


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