Algerian community lunch

This time, the CLC Community enjoyed Algerian food that was influenced by different cultures: Arabic, French, Berber, and Jewish.  English student Lydia Abdessemed from Algeria taught us how to preparer two of the most traditional dishes from her culture: Chakchouka and CouscousChakchouka is a kind of vegetable stew served with pita bread. Its taste is spicy but delicious. On the other hand, the traditional and known Couscous meal resembles pasta because it’s made from semolina wheat and water. If you are looking for a healthy and balanced meal, our student Lydia advised us to consume Couscous because it contains only 176 calories per portion with no sugar or fat.

While preparing these dishes, we had the opportunity to listen to our guest speaker Karen. This English student from Korea shared with us her lessons and life experiences in Montreal. With great joy, we could notice her progress and mastery of the English language.

Have a nice week!

Written by: Diana M. Reyes Cascante

Edited by: Tina


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