Billiards & Takoyaki

Billiard Tournament Activity

CLC students participated in another billiards tournament at Sharkx, located in the heart of downtown Montreal. In two teams, our students and staff members played or learned how to play this game.  Student Chisato excelled in her ability to play. However, the greatest surprise, which occurred in late afternoon, was when the team with less experience (Maria Andrea, Diana, Maribel, and Laure won the game!

Takoyaki Party!

As usual, CLC Montreal opens its doors every month for social gatherings where people from all over the world and people from the community come together to have a nice evening. This time, it was another takoyaki party. Takoyaki is Japanese food which was first popularized in the city of Osaka by street vendor Tomekichi Endo.  This party was lead by our students Chisato, Kota, Hiro and Maria Andrea.  They helped prepare the place and food for our guests. Guests had the opportunity to learn how to cook and eat this delicious Japanese meal.  Those who tried this for the first time described this dish as “a delicious and salty Timbit filled with seafood”.

Written by: Diana-Marcela Reyes Cascante

Edited by: Tina


One thought on “Billiards & Takoyaki

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