Explore Montreal activity and community lunch

Explore Montreal Activity

To take advantage of this spring, Jean-Drapeau Metro Station was the place explored by our students this time. Located on the Sainte-Hélène Island, better known as the scenery where the Formula 1 takes place every year, this area provides us with beautiful scenery our students can enjoy while having a potluck picnic.

For pictures of this activity, please visit our Facebook album.

Community Lunch

Our CLC community spent time together making delicious temaki sushi with Aki’s help. This time, our guest speaker was our English student, Nodoka, who told us how with perseverance, we can achieve our dreams. This talented girl, who has been growing up with orchestras since she was 3 years old, performed two beautiful short violin pieces which happily closed our meeting.

For pictures of this lunch, please visit our Facebook album.

In addition, CLC students had the chance to volunteer in this great event which gathered people interested in helping the  Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal . CLC participated in this event, raising funds through the sale of edamame, a healthy and delicious soybean snack. At the same time, we had the opportunity to appreciate more Japanese food, dances, and ornaments of this culture.

Written by: Diana-Marcela Reyes Cascante

Edited by: Tina


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