Art vernissage & Poetry Reading

CLC Montreal hosted an art vernissage and poetry reading session this past weekend.

Curated by Kelly Pleau & Sarina Rahman, this event carried the theme of friendship and supported emerging visual arts and poetry in Canada.  Featured artists included:

Ari Bayuaji, Amélie Bissonnette, Miriam Brookman, Katarzyna Chmielarz, Kendra Dueck-Warner, Maggie Estey, Vanessa Fleising, Bianca Hlywa, Chantal Khoury, Dylan Kotansky, Aimée Lévesque, Danica Markovic, Laurë Nolte, Kate Ogorova, Kelly Pleau, Chantal Prémont, Sarina Rahman, Keivan Khademi Shamami,Yolande Villemaire, Laura Ward

DJ Baril was on site to provide some beats while the guests enjoyed the art with some wine and cheese.

If you’ve missed the event, here are samples of some of the many beautiful pieces currently displayed at CLC:



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