CLC Corporate program launch

We have officially launched our corporate program this past Friday (November 18, 2011)!  This means that businesses can now have CLC teachers go to their premises to teach their employees French/English/Japanese/Spanish.

For more information, please consult our website:

For more pictures of the corporate program launch, please click here.

On that same day, students enjoyed an afternoon of German cooking, an activity lead by English/French student Yvonne.  She taught the students and staff members how to make spatzle.  It is like a German pasta, where the batter is first boiled in water before being baked in the oven with onion, salt, pepper and cheese.  It’s a very hearty meal!

Aside from learning about other cultures, the students also learned about the Parc Extension district of Montreal by exploring it together.

For more picture of the German community lunch, please click here.

For more pictures of the Parc Extension outing, please click here.

I hope everyone is enjoying our first day of snow outside!



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