Canada Day weekend

As many of you know, Canada celebrated its 144th anniversary this past weekend.  A few members of the CLC team (teachers/staff/students) took the bus to Ottawa to celebrate this grand event that was highlighted by the visit of the Royal couple, William & Kate.

“It was awesome!  I wanted to be Canadian.  I love Canada!” – Hye Jin Jo, student

“It felt great.  It was a great place to be and I felt proud of being Canadian while celebrating this event with 400 000 other people.  Everyone was waving their flags.  Everyone was wearing red and white.”  -Lyle V.S., teacher

In addition to that, they went to check out the International Jazz Festival of Montreal everyday last week, from Monday to Friday.  It has sadly come to an end now, but this just means there are more festivals to come.  In the meantime, we’ll have a takoyaki party this Friday (July 8, 2011) at 6pm (at CLC Montreal) to keep the festive atmosphere alive.  All are welcomed!



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