Summer fun

With the beautiful summer days coming our way, we decided to profit from it by having a picnic at Parc Lafontaine.

Grilling hot dogs (again), Korean bbq (thanks to Seil & JungHyuk), and playing frisbee were among the highlights.

In addition to that, we had our famous takoyaki party the same weekend at school.

Ms. Carrie Ma lead our Chinese cooking workshop this past weekend with delicious black bean chicken wings.  If you’re interested in joining her second workshop, Tofu with Mushrooms Pilaf, see here for details & registration:!/event.php?eid=148225825250903

And finally, this past Monday marked Day 1 of the Villa-Maria metro station summer closure.  While we were a bit concerned about our commute to CLC Montreal, it wasn’t so bad in the end!  My trip from home to school only took 10 minutes longer than usual!  For more information on alternative routes, please consult STM’s site:



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