Peter McQueen guest speaker & JCCCM bazaar

Mr. Peter McQueen

We have had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Peter McQueen, the NDG City Councillor.  He came to school by bike, which illustrates his dedication and commitment to transportation and environment issues!

We had the chance to learn much about how great and how challenging it is to revitalize a district like NDG.  It is also comforting to know that we have a representative who will constantly fight for better transportation and more green space for us.

We thank him again for his visit and hope that he’ll come back soon.  He’s super interesting to listen to!

JCCCM Spring Bazaar

The Japanese Canadian Cultural Center of Montreal (JCCCM) held their annual spring bazaar this past weekend.  We had the opportunity to sell delicious Japanese hot dogs (J-dogs) for charity again, but this time, it was for the JCCCM.  Moreover, Daichi Okuno, our alumni student, baked approximated 70 bags of cookies for sale.  Our students, teachers, and friends came together to volunteer, and achieved great results:

Hotdog Sales :  $184.00
All proceeds will go to JCCCM.
Cookie Sales :   $382.47
All proceeds will go to the Canada Red Cross.

And finally, I hope you all had a happy mother’s day!

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