A multi-cultural week

We’re very fortunate to be surrounded with good people from all over the world.

Not too long ago, student Selim from Tunisia shared with us a box of delicious Turkish delights:

Afterwards, Saudi Arabian student Ahmed cooked “kapsa” for the students to try.  It’s chicken on a bed of rice.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to taste it but Aki, our volunteer coordinator, did and she said: “It was delicious!  It was not spicy and you can really taste the cumin and saffron flavours.”

That same night, Lyle, our Cultural coordinator, animated a salsa night.  As a Latino-born-Canadian and a previous salsa teacher, his passion lies in salsa dancing.  He tries to channel that energy as much as he can whenever he shakes his hips.  He tells me that there was a good mix of both students and members of the local community, young and old.  “It was really fun and funny,” said English student Lea from France.

The next day, a Japanese earthquake fundraiser was held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center of Montreal.  Language tea time guests and students gathered the day before to make Tokyo cake balls to sell at the event.

Finally, this past weekend, as with all other weekends, another cultural workshop was held.  After a month’s worth of Quebecois cooking workshops lead by Danielle Gonthier, and an Iranian workshop of Kotlets and Borani lead by Pooyan Haghighat, it was Aki’s turn to host a couple of Japanese cooking workshops.

My friend Sandy decided to take that opportunity to celebrate her birthday by inviting 10 of her friends to the tonkatsu & katsudon workshop.  It was a fun & delicious activity for them to do together and it was a great birthday activity idea!



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