Lights Festival & Thrivability Montreal

It was the Lights Festival this past weekend in Montreal.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to take some pictures, but Aki, our Volunteer Coordinator, had this to say about her night out with approximately 15 students, staff members and friends of the school:

“It was great!  It wasn’t too cold.  There were a lot of activities.  At first, we saw a slide.  We didn’t try it but it looked great.  After that, we went to eat sausages on a stick over a fire.  Some people tried maple syrup taffy.  After that, we went on a ferris wheel.  It went around 6 times.  It was a little cold but we saw beautiful fireworks at 8pm.  They played music too.  We had a good time.  We went into a bar in the Old Port to keep warm.  Then, we watched someone sing on stage and we kept ourselves warm under a heated dome.  Finally, we ended the night with dancing inside a big cube with electronic music.”

Meanwhile, I joined Thrivability Montreal‘s second discussion: “What is the role of money in a thrivable organization?”.

The format of the discussion resembled that of a talk show.  It was interesting because during the first half of the session, we watched 3 entrepreneurs give their 2 cents about this topic.  The event was also a little more special because it was Michelle’s birthday, and so we ended it with a delightful birthday party filled with wine, cake, and catered organic food from Crudessence.



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