Hands on English, Stephen Hegedus & Brazilian night

Hands-on English

Hands-on English/French is one of our newest programs where students get to experience the language in an applied situation.  This past week, English student Selim made us a Polish cake.  He told us that his secret ingredient was love…

Guest speaker Stephen Hegedus

Opera singer Stephen Hegedus paid the students a visit.  Not only did he give us a demonstration of what he can do with his powerful deep voice, but he also answered many of our questions about what it’s like to be an opera singer.

Fascinating & informative.

Brazilian & samba night

Our Brazilian friends Rimata and Mariana initiated a samba night filled with homecooked Brazilian food.  Much thanks to them for their warmth and kindness!

Let us know if you want to share something with us too!



2 thoughts on “Hands on English, Stephen Hegedus & Brazilian night

  1. But why pics mostly of staff? not real student just staff, teacher, and friend. And this seems like cooking school, not a language school.

    • I’m not sure what you mean because there are only 4 staff members in this set of pictures. Besides, the staff is an integral part of our community, and is just as important as the students and friends. We are all part of the love. 😀 😀

      Also, if pictures of our classes were taken regularly, it would disrupt the concentration flow of our students. That is not the purpose of this blog. The purpose is to show the community focus and aspect of our school. 😀 😀

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