Thrivability Montreal

Art done by Living Tapestries

Culture and Languages Connections, in partnership with Cambium Consulting, launched a series of monthly discussions called “Thrivability Montreal”.  Its purpose is to get the general public, especially students, leaders and business people, to discuss new ways organizations can thrive and be sustainable.

“The concept of thrivability focuses on creating the conditions for life to thrive — my life, your life, the customer’s life, the life of the community, the life of our natural ecosystem. It goes beyond sustainability, which seems to seek only to sustain what we have now and leaves us with a precarious trade-off between people, planet and profits. Instead, thrivability invites us to imagine what could be if we recognized life as the true bottom line.” – Thrivability Montreal

Many young sustainable business leaders and inspirational guests showed up as we shared our ideas about what kind of organizations we would define as “thrivable”.  It was an enriching experience, just knowing that there is a group of people who is not only committed to making the world a better place, but is actively involved in this movement.

Join us for the next discussion on February 25, 2011.  Visit Thrivability Montreal for more details.



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