Skating & Asian Snacks

As you can see from the recently uploaded pics on Facebook, teachers, students and friends gathered at Beaver Lake on Mont-Royal for ice skating.  It’s a great place for skating because not only can you skate on this famous lake in Montreal, but there is also an artificial rink beside that is maintained regularly.  I didn’t go, but I SO regret it now.  They told me they had a blast, and for some, it was their first time skating!

Later that day, CL Connections hosted an Asian Snacks & Tea event.  The purpose was not only to enjoy Asian snacks, but to start building a community of young people who are Asian, or who are interested in Asian culture.  In Montreal, we have amazing Asian communities, like the Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, etc., but rarely do they come together.  For this reason, this is also an effort to bring these strong communities together.  Please contact us if you are interested in being actively involved in this movement or you can join the Facebook group for Pop Asian Montreal:!/pages/Pop-Asian-Montreal/135689706489065 .



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