Social entrepreneurship workshop @ Jobra Center

We were at the Jobra Center’s laundromat, in the Parc Extension district of Montreal, with a group of aspiring entrepreneurs.  How cool is that!  AJ  had a chance to share with them the experience he had starting CL Connections.

I truly believe that by making connections and building genuine relationships, great things can happen.  That sense of sharing and being able to mutually inspire each other were ever so present.  I don’t have first hand experience in social entrepreneurship and thus be able to deliver practical information in that sense, but it felt great to be able to contribute to linking people together from totally different walks of life, and watch them learn from each other so that they themselves can build their lives, fulfill their dreams, and reach their greater purpose.  They inspire me to want to reach my greater purpose too.

Man, I really do start to talk more like AJ.



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