Vietnamese spring rolls workshop

The workshop was lead by Laura Luu, a Canadian-born-Vietnamese girl, and her Canadian-born-Vietnamese boyfriend.  Her roots are originally from the South of Vietnam while his root are originally from the North of Vietnam.  Thus, they both speak Vietnamese with different accents and expressions.  They explained that here in Montreal, it’s more common to find immigrant Vietnamese people whose origins are from the South of Vietnam because it’s them who ran away during/after the Vietnam war.

I also learned that the word for “bf/gf” in Vietnamese can sound like the word for “cow” in Vietnamese.

We made two types of spring rolls.  The first one was the common kind that you’d find in any typical Vietnamese restaurant, but the second one whose name escapes me was SO DELICIOUS and not normally served in restos.

It’s made of pan fried 沙葛 (click here to view pic of this), carrot, tiny dried-then-soaked shrimp, omelet, Chinese sausages and Asian basil leaves.  Wrap that in rice paper, dip it in a hoisin-peanut butter sauce and omg… SOOOoooo good… SOooo sooOOO good.  Why do I not have Vietnamese friends that introduce me to stuff like this?



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